Friday, March 16, 2007

biological sin?

Mohler Says Gay Gene Should Be Manipulated, If Possible

So now the Rev. Albert Mohler Jr. wants to "fix" defective babies still in the womb who are biologically disposed to be gay? This is making a lot of noise in some circles, including the group of those who snoop around in the back pages of the third sections of newspapers.

I have a better idea. Let's find the biological basis for homophobia and fix that problem right at the two cell stage. We could snoop into the wombs of all women and eliminate fear and hate before our new brothers and sisters even reach the blastula stage. Oh my. Then, maybe we can find that the biological basis for homophobia is actually the result of sinful thinking on the part of those who have contributed the DNA in the first place. Oh, what a purge of the sinful that would be, tee hee.

I mean, well, after all, following the lead of those who believe "gay" to be sinful, well, since what we "believe" carries more weight than the facts, then I can believe homophobia is sinful, too. God told me. Who's gonna argue with God?


Edward Pickersgill said...

It'd make more sense if they started by tickling the sad gene.

Pat said...

Good idea. Maybe we should have a worldwide tickle day. Retroactive tickles. Cool.

Judi said...

Excellent post. I am just now discovering your blogs. So far, I am happily impressed. Good going.